Drain Relining Repair Uttoxeter using no-dig technology

Trenchless drain relining in Uttoxeter is a drain repair system where instead of removing a damaged drain, an internal liner is bonded inside the pipe giving extended life and a complete sealed repaired pipe. Patch repair is a system for repairing short lengths of pipe where a small inner pipe is essentially expanded into place and bonded to the leaking pipe.

Drain Relining in Uttoxeter

CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe), 'trenchless' and 'no-dig' are names used for the same pipe repair system so don't be baffled; it is a long lasting solution that can be applied quickly and with minimal disruption when compared to a complete drain replacement.

Pipes are damaged typically by tree root ingress, settlement or movement where the pipes split at the joints. The original pipe is first cleared of major blockages and a new material is pushed down the leaking pipe. This material is pulled through the section to be repaired and is impregnated with a resin and later a hardening catalyst. The new liner is expanded inside the pipe using air or water pressure and forms the shape of the existing drain with a minimal reduction in flow capacity (as the pipe diameter is reduced slightly). It cures or hardens against the existing pipe and the liner is designed to be usable immediately after curing.

Sewer Drain Relining Uttoxeter

Sewer Drain Relining

Pipe relining in Uttoxeter is a fast operation and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical pipes that are exposed to standard rainwater or sewer use.

Patch Repair

Patch repair is used where just a small piece of pipe needs to be repaired. A small 'tube' of material is inserted in the patch area and is inflated and bonds to the inside wall of the damaged pipe. This type of repair is only for small sections of pipe.

The drain engineers in Uttoxeter are experienced in drain relining & patch repair across a range of situations so just call us and we are happy to quote.

CCTV camera surveys in Uttoxeter will often be needed to detect the damaged sections of pipe where relining is needed and we can carry out a camera survey as part of the relining service.

pipe patch repair in Uttoxeter

Pipe Patch Repair

Pipe relining in Uttoxeter ..

  • Does not require pipe excavation
  • May prevent tree root intrusion
  • Causes minimal downtime
  • Strengthens pipes
  • Is suitable for many sizes of pipes